Sunday, March 11, 2012

BACKLASH: Attack on Rush Limbaugh Fails Miserably; Sleep Train Begs to Be Reinstated

Last week we witnessed the latest staged leftwing attack on Rush Limbaugh.  After Rush lost his temper for five minutes and referred to a leftist activist in derogatory terms, he was noisily denounced by the usual leftist transmission belts as a hater, a misogynist, the radio incarnation of Godzilla breathing fire on the fleeing hordes in Tokyo.

The activist was Sandra Fluke, who has made it her cause celebre to force Catholic institutions into adding birth control to their health coverage of employees and, in Georgetown University's case, to students as well.  After Rush referred to Fluke as a "slut," the mainstream media, a longtime house organ for the Democratic Party, saw an opportunity to finally take Rush down.  Now was the time to marginalize or even destroy the greatest mouthpiece for conservatism since Ronald Reagan or William F Buckley.  The usual Democrat smear campaign thus ensued, causing several of Rush's advertisers to flee his program lest their products be associated with the controversy.

Yes, these advertisers severed their relationship with Rush, but in so doing, severed their relationships with his millions of loyal listeners.  I won't be using Carbonite or Pro Flowers in the future, but thanks to Rush, I already own a Sleep Number bed.  I heard about it on his program and bought one a few years back.  Without Rush, it is doubtful that I would have ever known about the bed.  This was not an inexpensive purchase.  The bed cost us $2,000.

Now Sleep Train mattress company has realized their mistake and have begged Rush to take them back.  Sorry, kids, no can do.  It's one thing to momentarily panic at the latest Democrat smear campaign, but Sleep Train denounced Rush when they pulled their advertising.  Maybe Rush wants to make an example of them.  In any case, I approve.

Read more about the backlash here.

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