Sunday, April 22, 2012

The French Ship of State Is Leaking, French Leftists Drill Holes to Let the Water Out

The French Have Decided to Go Down With the Ship
Ah, les Français!  Leur char de l'état se coule vite, mais l'on a la solution!

Yes, their ship of state is sinking fast, but they have the solution!  Drill holes in the bottom of the boat to let the water out!  Brilliant!

Feeling a little sick? Swallow arsenic!

It appears that France, suffering from economic woes that can only come from high government spending, a huge welfare roll, and lots of socialism, knows how to fix it!  Vote for a socialist for president!  Yes, that will do the trick!

French logic:  when your house is burning down, throw some gasoline on it!

Brilliant logic, French people.  Que vous êtes tellement intelligents!


Always On Watch said...

It appears that the French electorate have fallen for the utopian lies of socialism. Not a surprise, really, as despised austerity measures are what is needed.

Anonymous said...

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