Saturday, April 07, 2012

John Derbyshire and RAAACISM

John Derbyshire, lately of National Review Online and currently a writer for, has stirred up a firestorm of protest with an allegedly "racist" article.  Now myriads of conservatives (so-called) are posting, posing and posturing just like liberals in their rush to condemn him.

I read Derbyshire's comments and was not offended in the least.  Basically, all he said was that whites and Asians should caution their children to avoid violence from blacks.  Did he lie about anything?  Distort the truth?  No.

Blacks are more violent than any other racial group, a fact supported by decades of crime statistics as well as recent events.  I don't like this terrible truth and would change it if I could; however, reality has a way of ignoring my wishes, even when they spring from enlightenment and tolerance.

What Derbyshire was arguing for was what Dinesh D'Souza once described as "rational discrimination."  If you're a taxi driver interested in staying alive, you don't pick up seedy-looking black males in rough sections of town at night.  (Black taxi drivers also tend to follow this rule.)  If you're white, you don't wander through black neighborhoods in the middle of the night.  Many blacks hate white people and many blacks are violent.

Of course, many blacks are also good, decent people, but you have to play the odds if you are interested in your physical survival.  That's why Derbyshire advised his kids to avoid large concentrations of blacks that they do not know.  I assume the reader has heard of the recent "wildings" of black youths in many places, like the Wisconsin State Fair where mobs of blacks attacked whites for no reason other than their race.  Those beaten white kids would have been better off if their parents had warned them as Derbyshire suggests.

It amazes me at how thoroughly brainwashed the American public is on the subject of race, and conservatives are not immune to the social pressures, ostracism, job loss and public condemnation that comes from telling the unvarnished truth.  The term "racist" in its current meaning refers to anyone who is unwilling to continue advancing polite fictions about race in America.

I was reading Red State today and was mildly disgusted at the opprobrium that site heaped on Derbyshire.  Of course, National Review Online isn't terribly conservative anymore, preferring to present a socially correct image to the world rather than deal with unpleasant facts.

Black violence is a problem, one that is unlikely to be solved without honest discussion.  Now listen to the crickets chirping in the comments section as fellow conservatives run in terror from a topic they have been conditioned to avoid at all costs.


Bartender Cabbie said...

The part about taxi drivers and profiling is so true. Black drivers of course follow the same profiling. Years back, when I began to run taxis in Houston, my trainer gave me a safety lesson. He did not pick up black males generally. He wasn't going to become a victim. He was a Black Man

Stogie said...

BC, he was also a wise man.

Always On Watch said...

The call for black on white violence has gone out.

I wonder what this summer holds for American society?

Old Rebel said...

DC uses egalitarianism as both a bullhorn and a hammer - it's an ideology that will win friends among leftists at home and in the Third World, as well as a weapon to justify boosting the central government's power over us.

Until we re-grow the backbones to tell the truth and tolerate (ha!) the hatred we'll get for doing so, we'll continue to cower in fear, terrified that someone will call us a bad name.

What would the Founders say about us today? What would our Confederate Forefathers say?

Malcolm said...

Have you seen the documentary ?

"A Conversation About Race By Craig Bodeker"

Excellent video

Stogie said...

Malcom, I should have looked at the video before Homeland Security closed the site, citing it as seditious and treasonous. Now my curiosity is really aroused.

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Stogie said...

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