Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Rose By Any Other Name.....

View from the Right quotes an article from "The Smoking Gun" today that is both tragic and humorous.  A woman named Fellony hit another woman with a glass, in a bar, after the latter bumped into her while dancing.  The victim was taken to the hospital with her noggin bleeding.

Her assailant, "Fellony," was arrested.  It appears that Fellony has a long record of arrests and crimes.  Now readers at "The Smoking Gun" are having a field day thinking of names for Fellony's relatives:  her little sister must be "Miss Demeanor."  Her mom must be "Syphilis."

Here are my contributions:  her uncle must be Hittenrun.  Her brother must be Driveby.  Her cousin must be Nicklebag.  Her father can only be Absent.

All  kidding aside, her parents did a terrible thing to name her "Fellony."  Perhaps that somehow influenced her to take the wrong road in life.  They should have named her "Charity" or "Grace" or even "Tolerance."  Or how about "Paix" for peace?

One wag noted that at least they didn't name her "Sh*thead."  He has a point.

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