Thursday, April 19, 2012

On Eating Dogs: Obama and the Politics of Pooch

"Try It, MO-FO!"
The Obamabots thought they would besmirch Romney with a tale of how Romney once put his dog in a crate, strapped the crate to the top of the car, and took off on vacation (or something).  The poor pooch was subjected to a confined space and maybe wind blew in its face; omigod, I am so (not) appalled.

Now it has come to light that Obama, as a young child, ate dog in Indonesia when it was served to him by his parents at suppertime.  It this an important factoid in the 2012 Presidential Elections?  Not on your life.  Such silly arguments reduce the campaign to childish taunts and counter-taunts.  Grow up.

Lots of cultures have eaten, or still eat, dog meat.  In one region of the Philippines the locals eat dog.  American Indians are said to have eaten dog (remember "Little Big Man"?).  I once played in a Hawaiian band and one of the band members told me he had attended a luau in Hawaii one night, and when he went behind a shed to relieve himself, he found the heads of four dogs.  Then  he realized what he had been eating.

Just for the record, I don't eat dogs.  I love dogs, would never bite one just to get my picture in the papers.

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