Friday, June 28, 2013

George Zimmerman Looking Like a Winner in Zimmerman-Martin Case

There's no doubt in my mind that 90% of black Americans believe Trayvon Martin was cruelly and unjustly murdered by George Zimmerman.  After all, Martin is black and Zimmerman is Hispanic.  Not white, but close enough to justify racial biases.

A Neighborhood Watch volunteer, George Zimmerman, shot and killed an unarmed, black 17-year-old, Trayvon Martin in February 2012.  Zimmerman claimed it was in self-defense and was released as police said there was no evidence to dispute this.  Indeed, Zimmerman's bloodied face and head clearly supported Zimmerman's claim of self defense.

My Opinion and My Concern:
In America, you get special consideration if you are black.  Blacks are a "protected class," and that protection means that any confrontation, fight or disagreement by a non-black is presumed to be "racism," and the non-black individual guilty until proven innocent.  We all know this, though many will never admit it in public.  After Martin's death, the race-grievance industry went into overtime, insisting that Zimmerman must have shot Martin simply because the dear boy was black, wearing a hoodie and eating Skittles.  Zimmerman was eventually arrested and charged with second degree murder, not on the basis of any credible evidence, but because he had sinned against our sacred tribe of Dalai-Lama black folks, and because white liberal politicians can never pass up a photo-op proving that they are the incarnation of Atticus Finch.  My concern is that Zimmerman has been denied equal treatment under the law simply because of race.

The above has been my concern over this trial from day one.  However, I do not know what happened on the grounds of that Florida homeowners association back in February of 2012.  Also, I wouldn't want my 17 year old son shot dead either.  Maybe Zimmerman provoked the confrontation by following Martin too closely, by insinuating that Martin was a criminal about to perpetrate a crime, based on nothing but racial considerations.  I can understand how that would totally piss off Martin and provoke a fight.  So what really happened?  I was content to leave it to the jury to sort it all out, and not prejudge the case (like 90% of blacks have already done).

Witness Testimony So Far:
A defense attorney, Andrew Branca, at Legal Insurrection has been describing the testimony and trial over the past few days, and most of the witnesses, including those called by the prosecution, convincingly uphold Zimmerman's description of events:  Martin attacked Zimmerman, got on top of Zimmerman and began punching him in the face in a mixed, martial arts style; Zimmerman screamed for help; and Zimmerman shot Martin out of fear for his life.  (Zimmerman claims that Martin went for Zimmerman's gun and threatened to kill Zimmerman.)  Photos of Zimmerman's wounds after the altercation confirm that Martin had done serious physical damage to Zimmerman's face and head.

The prosecution's primary witnesses were either destroyed in cross-examination by the defense, or gave testimony supporting the defense positions.  Andrew Branca described it yesterday:
Once again, it was simply not a very good day at all for the prosecution. The primary State witnesses today were Rachel Jeantel, Jenna Lauer, and Selma Mora. The first had her credibility substantively destroyed, the second was powerfully–almost humiliatingly–co-opted by the defense, and the third provided testimony entirely consistent with the defense’s theory of lawful self-defense.
My Conclusions:
Based on testimony and evidence so far, George Zimmerman is proved innocent of murder, as he clearly acted in self-defense and in fear for his life.  Martin's death was a tragedy, though largely self-inflicted by his own uncontrolled rage.  It most certainly was not second degree murder.

However, will the jury agree?  Who knows.


Stogie said...

Even if Zimmerman is found not guilty, he will be harassed for the rest of his life.

Upon a not-guilty verdict, he will be hit with one or more wrongful death law suits.

He will be unemployable.

He will have no privacy.

The white-guilt freaks and the black racists will make his life hell on earth.

In other words, Zimmerman's life is ruined!

As far as I know, he does not have the financial resources that Lizzie Borden had after she was found not guilty. I'm sure that you know the social verdict and the impact thereof as related to the Lizzie case, Stogie.

Stogie said...

AOW, I had thought of that -- the civil suit that will probably be filed against him. Also, there is the distinct possibility that he will be retried in a federal court for violating Martin's civil rights, much as was done to the cops in thr Rodney King affair. Yes, his life is severely damaged no matter what the outcome of the current trial. It is way past time that society stop giving a special, protected status to blacks.

Stogie said...

I see no sign of special, protected status to blacks tapering off. Too many are completely brainwashed into the brain imprint of white guilt.

There will never be any forgiveness available for Zimmerman. It doesn't matter what he did or didn't do. Society as a whole is his judge, jury, and executioner. The Furies of Political Correctness are in hot pursuit and, on their quest, are borne on the Steed of White Guilt.

As you know, something similar is happening right now to Paula Deen. It's surreal.

Stogie said...

AOW, the institutionalized bias against white people is well known and must end. I think, however, that society is beginning to notice and reject the "racism" meme. Paula Deen's cookbook sales are through the roof, and ritual sacrifice of yet another race-sinner is being somewhat preempted. American Thinker had an article on it just this week. The double standard and hypocrisy must end, and corporate America must stop being so hyper-sensitive to any and every human error -- Paula Deen used the N world 30 years ago, against some black who had put a gun to her head. So now anything and everything that she does is tainted and she must be ruthlessly ostracized from society and commerce. No. This is not fair, it is not justice, and it cannot stand.

Stogie said...

I am worn out with institutionalized bias against white people.

I am worn out with this insanity of "blacks must not be criticized because your ancestors held their ancestors as slaves." Pfffft. My ancestors did not hold slaves, but even if they did, it would have no bearing on the here and now of the 21st Century.

If this injustice is not righted, there will be major trouble with race relations here in the United States.

It is a good sign that Paula Deen's new cookbook is selling so well. I hope that it's a sign of something significant and not just a blip on the radar.

Stogie said...

Random House appears to hve canceled the publication of Deen's cookbook:

Stogie said...

Screw Random House. There are other publishing companies, and she should seek one and sue Random House for breach of contract.

Stogie said...

Just before the verdict in the Simpson trial, P.J. O'Rourke suggested that if O.J. was found not guilty white people should riot and trash Brooks Brothers. I'm sure he meant it just as a throw-away witticism, but he was more strategically right than he knew. When whites begin to fear white wrath in the face of racial injustice, they will be a lot less inclined to find excuses for protected-class misbehavior to show their anti-racist (=anti-white) credentials.

Stogie said...

Rick, it has taken me a long time to see through the powerful taboos that prevent us from acknowledging the truth of the social paradigm: whites can never be victims, only villains. No more. The paradigm must change.

Stogie said...