Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Taking Stock of the New Fascist America

I haven't blogged for an entire week.  To be honest, I have had a feeling of futility in the fight to preserve our freedoms.  We have lost major battles recently, if not the war.  Leftist "progressivism" is ascendant and Obama's goal to "transform America" into a socialist nation appears well on the way to success.

Americans are under heavy surveillance by our new fascist masters (and I use the term "fascist" as an actual and accurate description of Obama and the Democrats, and not as a gratuitous insult).  The "progressives" (the new and modern word for fascist) think they know better than the rest of us what is good for us, what should be legal or illegal, what should be mandatory and what should be allowed.  We, the rest of society, are merely a huge lump of clay for these progressive "artistes" to fashion as they may, sculpting us into a new regimented, indoctrinated and submissive peonage that lives only to support the new "utopia."  You know, the utopia of Chicago and Detroit, or of western Europe, which is busily committing ritual hara kiri with an Islamic scimitar.

As for the surveillance, I have to wonder at the websites that have been scouring every post on this blog since the beginning -- what are they looking for?  I find myself suspicious of every email from a stranger.

Meanwhile, I am sick to death of the left's many "isms" that they use as whips to control aberrant thought,  racism and sexism being the foremost.  Those who have drank deeply of the fascist Kool-aid are becoming increasingly impatient with those of us who refuse the cup, furious at our political apostasy for denying the new secular religion.

Can America be saved from its "progressive" transformation?  With the Republican Party now acting like a spanked lap dog of the left, acquiescing in "immigration reform" that will add millions of new voters to Democrat rolls, I am not optimistic.  Again, secession seems to be the only viable solution.  We can only hope that Texas, great Texas, will show us the way.


Stogie said...

I believe that we've lost our republic. The process has been ongoing for a long time, but under Obama the acceleration is proceeding at the speed of light.

A new Dark Age is fast approaching!

Stogie said...

AOW, I agree. The ship is sinking fast, and at some point, bailing efforts become futile.

It's time to man the lifeboats.

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jackscht said...

Actually Fascism
involved a corporatist political system in which the economy was
collectively managed by employers.

Sounds like neoLiberal Milton Friedman 'perfection of the markets' bollocks to me.

'Corporatism would
instead better recognize or 'incorporate' every divergent interest as it
stands alone into the state organically, according to its supporters,
thus being the inspiration behind their use of the term totalitarian.'

jackscht said...

Didn't ask her then how she could be fooled by the foreigner Rupert Murdoch owner of Fox 'news' propaganda nonsense. He couldn't comprehend democracy if it fucked him up the arse.