Wednesday, June 19, 2013

People Will Believe Anything...And Do

Shapeshifting Reptilian Humanoid
In An Unguarded Moment
The human mind is a fascinating thing, capable of great creativity, discovery and achievement.  It is also capable of great destruction, of inhumanity to man, of mindless hatred and prejudice.  It is also capable of great self-delusion.

People generally believe what they want to believe, regardless of facts or logic.  Weird religions, like Mormonism, Christian Science, Jehovah's Witnesses and Scientology are all good examples.  However, the human mind's propensity for self delusion doesn't stop at religion.  Politics is also a fertile field for various forms of insanity.  Alex Jones and his followers are an extreme case in point, where every happenstance event in the world is a precisely planned and manipulated by the Illuminati, a high cabal of conspirators manipulating daily events for unexplained but nefarious reasons.  Slightly (very slightly) less obvious is MSNBC, where radicals like Rachel Maddow interpret the news, or simply ignore it when events that are damaging to their bias can't be explained away.

Then there's the justice system.  Italy's continuing obsession with framing Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito for a crime they didn't commit, is a case in point.  There is absolutely no evidence that the two participated in a "sex game gone wrong" that killed Knox's housemate, Meredith Kercher, but the Italian Supreme Court believes in the fantasy scenario in spite of a complete lack of evidence or witnesses, and in spite of the Perugian police's wholescale destruction of exculpating evidence (failing to affix the time of death of the victim, contaminating the crime scene, wiping the hard disks of three computers belonging to the housemates, "losing" the videotape of the abusive interrogation of Knox, refusing to DNA test semen found on Kercher's body).

Then there are the shape-shifting succubi, the alien lizardoids in the media.  Recently on YouTube I noticed there is a whole slew of amateur videos "documenting" the alien shape-shifters among us.  These videos show television announcers or other speakers in a state of depixilation due to bad reception or malfunctioning hardware, and present it as evidence that these TV folks are shape-shifting reptilians among us, momentarily losing control of their carefully crafted disguises as human beings.

I rest my case.  People will believe anything.  And do.  There is little we can do to change minds, because the delusional are comfortable in their self-deception, which forms a shield between them and an unpleasant reality.

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