Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer Are Banned From Britain

Muslim Protest in London, 2006.  Britain Protects 
and Welcomes Hateful Muslims But Bans Those 
Who Are Critical of Muslim Intolerance and Violence

Via American Power: Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have been officially banned from entering [formerly] Great Britain due to their opposition to Islamization of the West. This makes no sense -- if you oppose hatred, mass murder, violence and intolerance -- all of which is Islam on steroids -- you are banned from Britain. If you are a hateful, Jew-hating, terrorist supporting radical Imam, you are welcome.

See photos below of folks who live in Britain and have NOT been banned.  In fact, British police surrounded these protesters to protect them from regular Brits who were outraged at the signs advocating violence and murder.  One Brit was threatened with arrest for attempting to counter demonstrate.

If you speak the truth about Islam, you will be banned.  Freedom of speech is not allowed in Great Britain anymore.  Truth is not a defense.  What kind of insanity is the British government pushing, and why?

If you want to visit Great Britain, you cannot voice opposition to Islam.  Why?  Because Great Britain, home of the West's biggest fools and cowards, is busily Islamisizing itself, in an attempt to de-westernize itself into yet another barbaric backwater.  Long live dhimmitude!

My feeling for the leaders and government of Great Britain is one of abject contempt and disgust.

Muslim Threatens Mass Murder

Muslim Threatens Mass Murder While
Enjoying Protection of London Police

The True Nature of Islam

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