Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'm In A Fighting Mood: Liberals Are Evil

I was arguing with some Pamela Geller bashers on Twitter today.  They created a picture of Geller as a demon, with horns and fangs.  These folks represent one of liberalisms many evil variants:  the defenders of the most violent, hateful, intolerant and war-mongering "religion" on earth.  If you oppose Islam's mass murder of innocents, its clitoral mutilation of young girls, its honor killings, child marriages, stoning of adulterers, hanging of gays, or that old time favorite, slicing some Jew's head off while he screams in horror and agony, well then, you must be a demon.  Such leftist scum make themselves parties to, and accessories in, the vilest evil ever to oppress mankind.

Then there is the Liberal Skank of the Month, Laura Levites, a hate-filled extremist who tweeted:  "I would personally like to castrate every Male Conservative Christian so that they have NO reproductive rights."

She also tweeted that she would like to buy a hacksaw to "chop off David Green's dick just so I can shove it up his ass."  David Green is CEO of Hobby Lobby.  When someone objected, Skank Levites replied "Get the Fuck out of my vagina and then I'll be tolerant."

I suspect the only things in her vagina are dead moths and flies.  She has a point about abortion, however.  If only her parents had listened.


Always On Watch said...

Must have been quite a firefight over there.

Veritas said...

Pity the poor woman. Never to be touched by a man, never to be loved by a dog, wallowing in her self hatred and knowledge of her inadequacies as a human being.