Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tax Season Is Over At Last

Yesterday, April 15, was Hell Day for tax accountants.  I saw client after client up until 9 PM when we closed.

A rude woman with an irrevocable trust insisted that I finish the 1041 by April 15, even though she came in only a week ago, without an accounting, and with stacks of contracts that needed to be discounted to their present value and amortized over their life to determine the taxable portion representing interest.  When I realized she couldn't do it, I bought a great loan amortization program called TValue5 and was able to discount and amortize all 40 of them, so I had enough information to file an extension.

Today I am in a pleasant stupor, unwinding as the giant rock on my back has been lifted.

This cinnamon tea and the cigar sure taste good.

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DonaldDouglas said...

I'm glad you had a productive season.