Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The Quiet Before the Storm: Tax Season 2014

It's quiet today in the tax office.  So far I have had two clients this morning who were not required to file a tax return.  I so informed them and sent them on their way, no charge.

After several days of needed rain, it is sunny in Hollister, with blue skies and white cumulus clouds floating majestically overhead. My mind drifts toward my backyard gazebo, fresh cigars, hot tea, and good books.  Thirteen days to go.

We expect the usual mad rush in the final week.  People who owe money put off taxes as long as possible.  When clients are getting big refunds, they look at me like I'm a hero.  When they owe large liabilities, they eyeball me like I'm an incompetent moron.  I just tell the truth, wherever it may be, good or bad.

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Always On Watch said...

Speaking of taxes....

I hate tax season. Period.