Monday, April 21, 2014

The Return of the Militias and the New Fascism

In January 2013 I wrote that the growing threat to liberty by the federal government requires us to support and fund the militias that exist throughout the United States.  Never before in my lifetime have I seen a more aggressive, overreaching and threatening federal government.  Indeed, it seems obsessed with acquiring power over our lives, thoughts and deeds.  Based on my readings, I see these tendencies as fascism rather than communism (see this post).

I had believed that the militia movement was dead, killed off by negative publicity after the libs blamed them (falsely) for the Oklahoma City bombing.  Happily, I find I was wrong.  The Cliven Bundy Ranch standoff was brought to a conclusion by militia members from several states, as well as by many other citizens who faced down the feds.

Now the BLM is eyeballing land in Texas that the feds "own."  With the left's corrupt and bankrupt policies, they are motivated to extract all the cash they can from the private sector. However, the Oklahoma militia has said they will oppose further incursions of the feds into the western states, and are ready to shoot if necessary.  Obviously, we all hope that will never be necessary.  However, there is a point where discussion ends and revolution begins.  Many Americans feel they are being increasingly pushed towards the latter.

Note to the feds:  you work for us, we do not work for you.  We own you, you do not own us.  You answer to us, we do not answer to you.



Question Diversity said...

It might be nice to think that, but I think they're there taking credit for the victory that other people won.

What won this for our cause, at least this first round? This was purely a PR victory. Whoever scooped Harry Reid's involvement and interest in this, and got it to the Free Republic -> Alex Jones -> Drudge Report conveyor belt probably saved Cliven Bundy's life. And people there at the scene had a zillion cameras recording the BLM bully tactics.

Always On Watch said...

Another case (not related to the BLM):

Philadelphia Artist James Dupree’s Studio Seized Via Eminent Domain To Make High-End Shopping Area
- See more at:

Old Rebel said...

"Note to the feds: you work for us, we do not work for you. We own you, you do not own us. You answer to us, we do not answer to you."
That was true prior to Appomattox. Now, all good patriotic Americans know DC is sovereign.

Wizard of the Saddle said...

OKC was an inside job.