Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Let's Face It: White Prejudice Against Blacks Is Totally Justified by Black Behavior and Black Attitudes

All my life I have struggled with the question of race.  As a naive college student, I believed blacks were simply white people with dark skin, and there was no substantive reason to be prejudiced against them.  I argued against "racism," berated my Texan relatives for their "primitive" attitudes, and held myself in high esteem for my "enlightened" views.  After all, I had been to college.  I was smart.  I was educated.  Wanna see my diploma?

The O.J. Simpson trial, decision, and black reaction, blew me away. I began to realize that all my assumptions about white-black race relations were bogus.  Blacks really were racist as hell, far more so than white people.  They were incapable of seeing past their own skin color, and completely able to throw any non-black person under the bus to save a black criminal's worthless hide.  No matter what the black criminal's crime, the only thing that mattered was that he was the same color as them.

The events in Ferguson, Missouri further prove that the O.J. debacle was not a one-off aberration.  Blacks are far more violent than any other racial or ethnic group, and for those who wish to survive, it pays to be aware of this fact, and to take precautions.

The black attitude regarding Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin before that, is that a black person can commit all the violent attacks they want against non-blacks, and are to be automatically and totally exonerated from any wrong-doing.  No matter how violent, destructive and uncivilized blacks may be, any holding them to account is forbidden, is "racist," horribly wrong, shameful and deserving of the highest ostracism from polite society.  Any cop who shoots a black thug should be automatically guilty of murder and thrown to the mob for dismemberment.

Well screw polite society.  It is time to tell the truth about widespread black dysfunction and violence, and to put the blame where it belongs:  on blacks themselves.  Furthermore, it is time to eradicate the social barriers to discussing this truth publicly and to end ostracism of the truth-tellers.  Our civilization depends on it.

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Postscript:  I just purchased the Kindle version of Colin Flaherty's book, White Girl Bleed A Lot.  The book describes widespread, recent black mob violence across the country, where blacks attack whites, Asians and other non-blacks in a seemingly endless orgy of violence, robbery and vandalism.  These incidents are hidden by the major media, and also are often hidden by the police.

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