Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rich Lowry Gets It Right: Michael Brown Alone Is Responsible For His Own Death

From Politico, Rich Lowry sums up Ferguson and Brown's death in a short article.  He writes:
.... we don't try people for crimes they almost certainly didn't commit just to satisfy a mob that will throw things at the police and burn down local businesses if it doesn't get its way. If the grand jury had given into the pressure from the streets and indicted as an act of appeasement, the mayhem most likely would have only been delayed until the inevitable acquittal in a trial.
Read it all here.


Always On Watch said...

Good find!

Our Founders were most afraid of one thing: the tyrannical mob. America may well fall because of the tyrannical mob -- or should I say "mobs"?


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Curly Bill said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Always.

Always On Watch said...

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Curly Bill said...

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Stogie Chomper said...

Happy Thanksgiving AOW and Curly Bill.