Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Surrounded by Villains -- Nothing New

Ah, it is a dark and rainy day here in Hollister.  Great weather for reflection.

I see we are again surrounded by villains, and yet it seems so commonplace nowadays, that I can hardly write anything new about them.  Nevertheless, one must try.

Barack Obama, the most lawless president in the past 100 years, is planning to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens tomorrow.  He will do it by decree, rather than a vote of Congress.

The purpose of this is, of course, to further the Democrat project of population replacement.  White people, on the whole, do not vote for socialists.  The Dems seek a permanent majority of voters, so they can complete paving the way to Hell.  That, and the fact that Dems hate white people and wish to punish them, is what motivates the neo-Bolsheviks.

Obama is a far-left ideologue who is wedded to his dogma and doesn't care who approves and who doesn't.  My disgust with the little man could not be greater than it is.  He should be impeached.  Maybe it wouldn't pass the Senate, but it would be worth the effort in any case.  Obama is a rogue president who is deliberately undermining the nation on several fronts.  He should be stopped, and held to account.

The sub-human scum known as "Palestinians" murdered four rabbis in a Jerusalem synagogue the other day.  Fellow sub-humans then celebrated in the streets, passing out candy, rejoicing in murder.  If I were president, I would try to end all foreign aid to the Palestinians, and would then invite the Israelis to take whatever land they wished, build whatever settlements that wanted, and bulldoze the "Dome of the Rock" mosque off the Temple Mount.  Then, rebuild the Temple in its entirety.

Of course, not all "Palestinians" are sub-human, murdering scum.  Only about 98% are, yet they make a bad name for all the rest.  See my earlier essay on the Palestinians-are-scum here.  Alas, the victims may change, but the basic story remains the same.

Ferguson Anti-White Thugs are busily readying themselves for their next riot, in the event the Ferguson Grand Jury cannot be intimidated into indicting an innocent cop for defending his own life. A lot of low-lifes there are promising to attack whites and white businesses unless Officer Wilson is indicted for murder.  It's time this low-life sub-human residue learn that we whites are not afraid of them, are totally fed up with them, and quite determined to slap them down, hard, as the situation may require.


Always On Watch said...

The news is so stressful for me now that my sciatica has kicked in big time. Damn.

Curly Bill said...

I suffer with it, also. I've tried everything to get relief. Fortunately, the pain in my hip and let has subsided somewhat. Bad news is, now my shoulder has the pain. Can't win, can we?

rambler said...

Don't get old..... see problem fixed!

Curly Bill said...

Too late. P.s. Easy for you youngins to say. Just wait til it happens to you.

rambler said...

Naw..... not waiting. I have to schedule aches and pains. If they don't fit into the schedule, they aren't allowed to happen.