Monday, June 29, 2015

A Time to Fight: Take Down the American Flag -- America Has Seceded From the South!

This morning I read on Drudge that the Antietam Battlefield Park has removed all Confederate flag items from its shops.  They are so fanatical about their censorship of history, that they won't sell anything that even pictures a Confederate flag, if that picture or depiction is detachable.

This is worse than fascism -- this is mass insanity.  America has become a hostile work environment.  Or more than that, a hostile living environment.

NASCAR is also reaching new depths of depravity.  Not only are they banning use of the Confederate flag on the track, now they are seeking to ban it in the infield as well.

There are ways to comply with this madness:  stay home.  If Antietam and other parks deny the Confederate flag to the public, then the public should deny its dollars to Antietam.  Don't go there.

If NASCAR wants to spit in the face of its greatest supporters (flag-waving Southerners), comply with its wishes:  leave your Confederate flags at home, and stay there with them.

AND TAKE DOWN THE AMERICAN FLAG.  Why fly the flag of the invader?  The flag of a nation who hates us and seeks to oppress, marginalize, insult and disinherit us?  By its choice, not ours, we are no longer a part of America.  America has seceded from us!

America, then, should no longer be a part of us.  Let each one of us internally and morally secede from the Union, by withdrawing our moral support from it, by denying its moral legitimacy over our lives, by refusing to accept its false history, oppression and marginalization.

IT IS TIME TO FIGHT.  Not with guns (yet), but with strategies and countermeasures.  It is time for us to find ways to repay our Yankee masters for 150 years of occupation and oppression.


Wizard of the Saddle said...

I threw out all of my remaining US flags a long time ago. I consider the US government to be the most evil repugnant force on the planet outside of Nazis or hardcore Islamists (both of whom received material support from US government, you need only read about Operation Paperclip or look closely into the US relationship with Saudi Arabia).

As far as I am concerned, it is not only a moral obligation but the duty of all Southern men, regardless of race or able-bodiedness to do everything in their power to overthrow the the Northern fascists in Washington D.C. and Wall Street. Whether by force of arms or the ballot box (it increasingly seems like the former is our only option).

Stogie Chomper said...

Wiz, well I won't fly an American flag again.

Roger Glass said...

Maybe there's hope:

Roger Glass said...

The Battle Flag should be square?

Stogie Chomper said...

Yes, square for the Army of Northern Virginia; rectangular for the Army of Tennessee. My great grandfather served in the latter.

Roger Glass said...

I didn't know that anyone used a rectangular version.