Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Identity of the Great Sphinx Revealed! Maybe. #Sphinx #Archaeology

Archaeologists have been arguing for many decades about the identity of the Great Sphinx of Egypt.  Was he Khufu, the ancient Pharoah who built the Great Pyramid, and who ruled Egypt around 4,500 years ago?  Or was he Khufu's son, Khafra?  Or somebody else?

I've stared at pictures of the Sphinx's battered face for some time now, trying to interpret it, Photoshop it, make it resemble its original appearance, whatever that was. Or whoever that was.  But who was that?

This past week I saw yet another documentary on the Sphinx, and it provided fairly convincing evidence that the Sphinx was made by Khufu's son, Khafra, in honor of himself.  Khafra is the man depicted by the Sphinx.  It is not Alfred E. Neuman, no matter how much you want to argue.

I found a fairly good image of Khafra and Photoshopped his face onto that of the Sphinx.  It seemed to fit.  Khafra had a slightly chubby face, big nose, high cheekbones, and full lips.  Khafra's ears also closely resembled those of the Sphinx.

Once I got Khafra's puss onto the Sphinx, I was astounded at how real it looks, how well it fits.  Now I can believe this version of the Sphinx.  This might well be what it really looked like 2,500 years before Christ.   Once again, I present the current condition of the Sphinx's face for comparative purposes.  It's on the right.  Don't pretend you didn't know.

Here's the Khafra image I used.  I like this guy.  I could have a beer with this guy and puff a few cigars too.


Always On Watch said...

Nice work, Stogie!

It's a definite fit, I think.

The Sphinx has always fascinated me, but I have no desire now to go to Egypt to see it up close and personal. Traveling now is difficult (Age!), and the Muslims are restless.

Stogie Chomper said...

Thanks AOW. I would love to see the Sphinx and the pyramids. I have been fascinated by them for many years. I do understand your reticence though.