Sunday, June 21, 2015

Stoking the Fires of Race Hatred

We have recently had our share of troubles here in the USA.  Blacks burn down Ferguson and Baltimore.  Racial hatred, particularly from blacks to everyone else, is white hot, no pun intended.  Now the church shooting in Charleston has again raised the masses, both black and white, to a fever pitch.

Liberals, leftists, Democrats ruthlessly try to stoke the fires of division.  Without a doubt, the hatreds and resentments of black America are largely a product of the Democratic Party and its job-killing, race baiting policies.  Only if blacks are motivated by hatred, fear and revenge, will they show up at the polls to vote Democrat.  So the Democratic campaign of propaganda must continue, i.e.:  blacks are the incessant victims of virulent white racism, blacks can never get equal treatment in jobs, education or any walk of life, Republicans all hate you if you're black, and whenever you do anything destructive or damaging, it's not your fault.

What American blacks need is the sobering truth, told and retold:  you are the authors of your own lives.  Your failures, lack of life skills, unemployment, high crime rate, dysfunctional families, bad attitudes are all your own fault, nobody else's.  Collectively, you are the biggest screw-ups in America, and the rest of Americans are less safe, less prosperous, less peaceful by your presence.  It's time to stop being the problem child of the American family.  Clean up your act.  Change your rotten, hostile attitudes.  From now on, you will be held accountable for your disastrous life choices, your failures, your dysfunctional communities.  Get your shit together.  Our patience with you grows thinner each day.

Let me lay it out for you, black folks:
1.  Stay in school until you graduate.
2.  Don't get anyone pregnant until you are old enough to marry them and support them and your child.
3.  Don't commit crime:  don't steal, rob, beat someone or kill anyone.  Keep your record clean.
4.  Stay off drugs.
5.  Accept responsibility whenever you screw up and violate any of the first four items.
6.  STFU about "racism."  Accept the fact that it is your own rotten behavior and attitudes that cause the racial prejudice directed at you.  You are major contributors to so-called racism. You are far from the innocent sheep you pretend to be.  HINT:  take a look at crime statistics by race.  Guess who are the worst offenders?
7.  Get a job.  Learn job skills.  Continually add to those skills with education and training.  Stay off welfare.
8.  Keep your family together, love your kids, teach them the civilizational skills they need to prosper:  education, job training, basic manners, good citizenship, responsible parenthood, racial and religious tolerance, personal responsibility.

It ain't rocket science folks.  Every other ethnic group in the country has long ago figured it out.  Why can't you?


Aguila1952 said...

What do you expect when they've been told for generations that it isn't their fault and it is someone else's responsibility. And then they are bought off with welfare benefits for all the past injustices done to them. No one rises when there are no expectations. Except in rare instances.

Stogie Chomper said...

Right. We are way past coddling and apologizing to blacks for their own bad behavior. We must ruthlessly confront them with the truth.