Monday, September 26, 2016

Advantage Hillary. Trump's Missed Opportunities in First Debate.

I'd say Hillary won the debate. All she had to do was exceed expectations and she did that. She was well rehearsed and polished. She didn't cough or faint. Of course, she had the moderator in her corner and that helped. Donald should have prepared better than he did.

Having said that, it was not a runaway for Hillary. She scored no knock-out points. Trump held his own and did not mount a strong offensive, did not create a sympathetic backlash in her favor. Trump was good at not letting the moderator score points for Hillary.

Hopefully, Trump will not be overconfident in the second debate and will prepare for it more effectively. He missed some good opportunities. Criticizing a leftist bigmouth like Rosie O'Donnell is not the same as "attacking all women." Doubting Obama's birthplace is not "racist." When discussing Internet security, he should have mentioned Hillary's criminal misuse of a hackable private email server as proof of her hypocrisy on the subject. And trump never mentioned her corruption via the Clinton Foundation's Pay for Play and her grossly overpaid "speeches" that were really disguised bribes.

Donald, you've got to do better, and it's time to mount an advertising blitz.

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