Monday, September 19, 2016

Trannies in the Navy


The U.S. Navy is now providing mandatory training to all personnel on the acceptance and support of transgender recruits in the Navy.

Transgender sailors are those who like to dress up like girls:  cute dresses, lipstick, mascara.  How sweeeeeeet.

Our country has become a bad joke.  What's a girlie-man going to do in combat?  Hit the enemy with his purse?

And what's next in the cultural disruption program?  Will exhibitionists be allowed in?  Will they be provided with trench coats?

Perhaps practitioners of bestiality will be the next victim-group.  Men will marry cows at Annapolis as uniformed officers present an arch of swords overhead to honor the newlyweds as they walk down the aisle.  Anti-cow people will be called racists.  Target will open its bathrooms and dressing rooms to quadrupeds.  The Democratic Convention will feature a horse as its keynote speaker.

We so need a revolution.  Until we can arrange one, VOTE TRUMP.

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