Saturday, September 17, 2016

My Drawing of Charlie Brown (#Illustrator)

I figured I could study or draw Charlie Brown.  Charlie won.  I drew him in a blue shirt instead of the usual orange or yellow.

Charles Schultz, the cartoonist who invented the comic series "Peanuts," knew well the cares and concerns of grade school kids.  There were kite-eating trees, baseball teams that never won a game, little Red Haired girls that captured your heart.  There was an obnoxious brunette (Lucy) who tricked you into kicking a football that was drawn away at the last minute.

 The upside of childhood, however, was a loyal dog with a great imagination (at times assuming the role of a World War I Ace pilot, a lawyer, or a writer), and whose best friend was a bird who often flew upside down.  There was Peppermint Patty, a kind of young hippie/tomboy who wore sandals and played great baseball, and Linus, a kid who was overly attached to a blanket and who believed in The Great Pumpkin.

Charlie Brown, however, was the chief protagonist in this drama of life, always screwing up, failing at everything he tried, enduring one humiliation after another, but who never quit trying.  Alas, he never was able to connect with the little Red-Haired girl whom he loved from afar.

There are a lot of us who can identify with Charlie Brown.

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