Thursday, November 10, 2016

ELECTION AFTERMATH: Temper Tantrums on the Left

Now that Trump is the president-elect, millennials and other human detritus are throwing temper tantrums.  Fires are being set, windows broken, buildings and monuments vandalized.  People in California want to secede from the Union and establish their own version of Venezuela.  Some of the leftists are calling for Trump's assassination; black thugs are beating up Trump supporters on the street.  Read all the gory details here.

Trump's victory is immensely satisfying to me, but it has an added benefit:  It reveals just how rotten to the core the political left is -- how totalitarian, how vastly ignorant, how intolerant, and how prone to violence and hatred that they really are.

As for California seceding, I believe in the right of secession, like my great grandfather did when he fought for the South.  Secede California; you are as unAmerican as it gets.  No state in the Union is more out of step with the American people than La La Land, where no silly political/gender/sexual fad is beyond the pale.  The state flower is the California Poppy -- it should be the Opium Poppy.  The state bird is the California Quail.  It should be the Cuckoo Bird.  The whole damn state belongs in a strait jacket.  Secede already, rejoin Mexico.  You are a disgrace to human freedom.  And if you refuse to secede, the rest of the country should declare war to make you do it.

The only reason why I have not left California, my home for the past 62 years, is that I am no longer young, and two of my three sons live here, and all of my grandchildren.  However, I may have to reconsider that decision.  I hate this state.

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