Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Thoughts on Election Day 2016

9:23 AM, PST:  Finally, the day is here.  Will Donald Trump win the presidency, or will Hillary Clinton?

My intuition still cannot foresee the eventual winner, as it did in 2008.  If anything, it favors Trump, slightly.  However, that may just be hopeful thinking.

In 2012, I was reasonably sure the American people would sweep the incompetent, radical college sophomore from office, and Romney would replace him.  I was shocked and horrified when Obama was re-elected.  Surely, I thought, the great majority of Americans could see what a disaster Obama had been.  Apparently, they did not.

Updates will be made throughout the day.

Here is a quote many of us can identify with.  We understand much, but are in no position to advance our understanding.  So we watch, with great angst, while the largely uninformed electorate continues eroding our liberties and prosperity.


5:40 PM, PST -- Polls are closing in the east.  Per the New York Times electoral map, Trump has a early lead of 60 electoral votes to 40.  At this early time, that doesn't mean much.

6:03 PM, PST -- The Fox Election update page is updating faster than that of the NY Times.  It now shows Trump ahead by 139 - 97 electoral votes.  However, the left coast electoral votes have not yet been counted and they will all go for Hillary.

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