Monday, November 28, 2016

Election Recounts; Ohio State University Shooter Killed

Democrat Chicanery
If you've been listening to Rush Limbaugh, you know that the Democrats are half insane over their loss in the November 8 elections.  The current strategy is to give Trump an aura of illegitimacy, as if he somehow stole the election, possibly with the help of Russian hackers taking over voting machines in the battleground states.  Election officials in the states targeted for a recount (Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan) state that there is no evidence of any hacking or vote fraud that would justify a costly recount.  In fact, Wisconsin officials have denied Jill Stein's request for a manual recount of votes, and she is preparing to sue over that.  Why this obnoxious leftist (Stein) is so adamant about forcing a recount isn't clear.

Other Democrat chicanery is to pressure Trump to adopt the Democrat agenda, at least in part.  This is all in the (false) spirit of "coming together as a nation," "reaching across the aisle," and curing the ill feelings among Americans.  Let's hope Trump isn't fooled (I doubt that he will be).  The Dims try to make the most of every situation, even after their recent historical loss that has reduced their elected numbers significantly.  So their strategy right now is to mitigate their losses in any way possible.

Ohio State Shootings/Stabbings
Some would-be mass murderer has attacked students at Ohio State University today, ramming some with his car, and slashing others with a knife.  He was soon dispatched by a gun-wielding cop, and is now quite dead.  Fortunately, the assailant was the only fatality. Around 10 injured students have been taken to the hospital.

Why would this lunatic try to kill a lot of innocent students who had done nothing to him?  Good question.  My bet is that he was a Muslim trying to collect his 72 virgins.

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