Sunday, November 06, 2016

Waiting for the 2016 Election to Be Over

Today the FBI Director, James Comey, announced that finding another 650,000 government emails on a private laptop did not change his July opinion:  that Hillary Clinton did nothing to warrant an indictment.  Donald Trump immediately claimed that the system is rigged to protect Hillary, and I have no disagreement with that observation.

Right now I am sick of all the hype, October surprises, claims and counterclaims.  I just want this nightmare political  campaign  to be over.

Who will win?  I am prepared for the worst.  Would the Uniparty Establishment ever allow itself to lose?  Somehow, it all seems to be a done deal.  We will be stuck with that grinning, coiffed and pants-suited phony for the next four years.

I voted for Trump on Friday, using my absentee ballot.  Wifey did too.  She dropped off our ballots at the Registrar of Voters.  That's really all any of us can do, and pray that in the end, it will be enough.

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