Saturday, February 27, 2010

Events of the Past Week: a Stogie Analysis

After not blogging for a week (due to a new job), I feel hopeless at catching up with current events.  However, here are some items of interest:

1.  College kids in San Diego are having a racial brouhaha.  Perhaps mimicking their parents of the 1960's, the students took over the Chancellor's office for several hours to protest a noose someone hung in the library.  Apparently, the Black Student Union had recently made 32 demands of the University, including such 1960-ish items as requiring students to take courses in "African-American, ethnic and gender studies."  Black students are less than 2% of the campus population.  The demands resulted in automatic, slavish support from the self-hating, liberal left.  However, they also caused resentment from many other students, leading to the idiotic hanging of a noose, reminiscent of the bad-old days of racial lynching.  A female student admitted to hanging the noose and has been suspended.

More people than San Diego U students are tired of these racial games, wherein people of special color are considered a protected class whose paranoia, racism, selfishness and eternal victimhood must be honored, feted and catered to, beyond all reason.  The noose was hateful, intolerable and asinine, but the 32 demands were an exercise in Saul Alinsky and contemptible.  If you want to be accepted or just tolerated, try fitting in to the larger society around you.  Endlessly underscoring your differences with stupid demands and self-pitying victimhood does not help.

2.  Climate fraudsters (sometimes erroneously referred to as "scientists") announced that January was the warmest ever, in spite of record snowfalls and blizzards worldwide.  In my opinion, anyone who dares utter a belief in man-made global warming should be immediately tarred and feathered and chained to a lamp post in the town square for public derision.  People could then use the tarred offender as a place to deposit used chewing gum.

3.  The Republicans acted like Republicans...for a change.  Many have reported satisfaction with the Republican performance at Obama's "Health Summit," held at the Blair House (next to the White House).  Rush Limbaugh had previously advised Republican lawmakers to stay away from the summit, but admitted he had been wrong.  The Republicans put up a pretty good debate and were united in opposition to Obamacare.  Nevertheless, many observers say the summit was pointless, political theater whose major purpose was propaganda, not results.  Obama wants to be seen as "reaching out to Republicans" just before he uses the "Nuclear Option" of budget reconciliation to ram Obamacare through to passage.

4.  Hawaii, Alaska and California are under Tsunami watch.  A huge earthquake in Chile may cause tidal waves. Hawaii, Alaska and California are considered at risk.  Of course, California has already been hit by a Tsunami of debt, resulting from years of Democrat control and "progressive" politics.

Progressivism, in case you didn't know, means spending far more money than you will ever make in this lifetime, resulting in state insolvency.  If you want to be a progressive politician, carefully figure out what is just, logical, sustainable and responsible.  Then do the opposite.

5.  A lady whale trainer in Orlando, Florida was killed by an Orca, better known as a killer whale, when it grabbed her and dragged her under water.  She drowned.  The whale is known as "Tillie" and is now responsible for three deaths.  Some folks think Tillie should be a source of sushi for the Japanese restaurant trade, i.e., killed.  I don't agree.

Whales don't understand homicide.  Killing Tillie would accomplish nothing.  However, people who play with Orcas, like lion and tiger tamers, take big risks.  What part of "killer" whale do they not understand?

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