Sunday, February 07, 2010

How About Them Saints?

Wow, I was expecting a blow-out by the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl today.  In spite of that, my wife and I were rooting for the Saints.  New Orleans had never been to a Super Bowl, let alone win one, and we wanted to see someone new in the winner's slot.  Besides, I like New Orleans, its culture, history, atmosphere, food, music and a lot more.

Before the game, Saints Quarterback Drew Brees was treated as a mere footnote. The pundits fawned over Colts Quarterback Peyton Manning as "the greatest QB who ever lived."  Brees had other ideas, however, throwing pinpoint passes that picked apart the Colts' defense.  Final score in the game was 31 - 17 in favor of the Saints.

Brees is a great guy, very civic minded, and dedicated to getting New Orleans restored to its former glory before Hurricane Katrina.  It was good to see him bring this victory home for Saints fans.

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