Monday, April 01, 2013

April Creeps In On Little Cat Feet (Sorry, Carl Sandburg)

April 1st.  No April Fools shenanigans here, however.  Not in the mood.

I don't have much to say today, just wanted to post something following Larry Auster's passing, as a way of moving on.

A couple of white/gray pigeons are perched on my fence billing and cooing like lovebirds.  After our last harvest of persimmons in November, my wife trimmed the branches on our tree.  Today the formerly bare tree is filled with green buds.  Life returns with spring.

I want to get a birdhouse for my backyard and maybe a bird feeder too.  But where will I hang them?  On my persimmon tree?  No, don't want them birdies pecking holes in my persimmons.  On my lemon tree?  That doesn't seem right somehow.  I may need to get a birdhouse on a pole and plant that in my garden.

The next two weeks will be brutal as I finish out the tax season.  Looking forward to some time off, practicing my bass, maybe visiting Bro in Nevada.

Right now, though, I have hot tea to drink, a cigar to smoke and then I will read the second volume of my four volume set of Calvin and Hobbes, given to me for Christmas by my youngest son.  After that, I'll jump into bed and watch the latest recorded episode of "The Walking Dead."

Considering the exciting life I lead, it's amazing that I haven't died of a heart attack yet.


Stogie said...

I gave up on having a bird feeder. The squirrels always defeated the "squirrel proof" devices.

So, I nailed a few birdhouses onto the front porch. I toss out bird seed and bread right onto the ground. Seems to work well -- and I have many fewer mosquitoes than my neighbors.

Stogie said...

PS: I also have a bird bath and change the water every three days.

Stogie said...

Save the feeder for winter. Plenty for them to eat in the summer.

I still haven't finished my taxes. Okay - truth. I haven't even started them. Once I start, it only takes a few hours. I hate it!! My tax preparer, however, loves the nice job I do so it only takes her a short time to plug the numbers into the appropriate slots. I love my tax preparer.

The last two days I've worked outside. Mowed for the first time this year. Had a mulching kit installed on my new Husqvarna and took off the blower shoot on the side. BIG difference.

I hereby pledge to do my taxes right after running errands. Promise!

Stogie said...

Adrienne, I haven't started my taxes either! I don't get paid for doing that.

Stogie said...

I thought about a bird bath. Maybe I'll look into it.

Stogie said...

Wow, how did you do that? Nail them on the wall or a railing or what?

Stogie said...

Well - I did get started. Hope to finish today. Problem is hubby mixes business and personal and can't figure out what a "category" is in Quicken. Oy vey!

Which is better than the year he combined PayPal income with all the deposits to the checking account, which included the PayPal being counted twice - once when it hit PayPal and then again when it was deposited into the business checking essentially doubling our income.

Funny thing - he's great at math and can't reconcile a check book. What's up with that???

Stogie said...

That's a great idea! Unfortunately, I don't have any columns. Where did you get the bird houses?