Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Renewal of the Soul After Adversity

My Persimmon Tree Blossoming in Glorious Spring Renewal
My friend AOW (Always on Watch) makes a point of interspersing happy posts with all the negative political ones.  That's a good idea, lest we become cynical sourpusses, devoid of hope and optimism.

Well let's see, what can I be positive about?  Hmmm.

My persimmon tree's new buds and branches are exploding in a flurry of greenery and growth.  I wish my soul were like that:  able to renew itself with that kind of vigor and color.  Life could trim off my branches and leave me denuded and bare in winter, and in spring I would blossom all over again, filled with ambition, optimism and promise.

Well, the tax season ends in another week.  Yay!  Then its plucking my Rickenbacker bass guitar and groovin' like the really cool cat that I imagine myself to be.  Oh yeah.

I have some money in my pocket, not enough to buy a Bushmaster, but enough to keep me in cigars for a few weeks.

I now know more about income taxes than at any previous time in my long career.  I also found that clients like me.  I relate well to them.  I should be able to earn some dough after leaving Fleecem Tax, where they bill the suckers $400 an hour (I am leaving for two reasons:  low pay for me and absurd prices for clients.)

Today in Hollister, the sky is blue and cloudless; there's a gentle breeze wafting spring fragrances, and pollen, but my allergy medication is holding its own.

Well, that's all the positivity I can fake for today.  Come back tomorrow for continuing installments.


Stogie said...

Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it.

Recently, I've come under attack for posting positive selections. I was actually accused of "drifting into liberal seas," of becoming "too soft."


Balance is weakness. Who knew?

It seems that many in the blogosphere actually seek out wallowing in negativity and misery. WTH?

Stogie said...

Well your way makes sense to me. We must enjoy life in spite of setbacks. I resolve to do that!