Thursday, April 18, 2013

FBI Releases Photos of Suspects in Boston Marathon Bombing

The FBI has released photos of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing.  Both are young men, seen carrying backpacks in the vicinity of the blasts, just minutes before the bombs went off.

One was wearing a white baseball cap turned backwards and carrying a white backpack slung over his right arm.  A white backpack was deposited near the finish line and later exploded.  One of the victims, who lost both legs in the ensuing blast, got a good look at the perp as he dropped the white backpack and departed.

The FBI has learned that at least one of the bombs was detonated using a remote control mechanism and battery from a hobby store, where such items are used to control toy cars or planes.

The devices used in the bombing have previously been described on Al Qaeda websites.  Though the perpetrators have not been identified as Muslim or Middle-eastern, it appears likely that they obtained their knowledge of this type of bomb from Al Qaeda sources.  It will be interesting to discover the perpetrators' motivation for this atrocity.  I see a slab and a drip line in the perps' future.  Too bad.  Such crimes would be so much better punished by an old-fashioned hanging or electric chair.  Call me a traditionalist.


Stogie said...

You know what? I doubt that the death penalty will ensue. Already, the media are pushing for "understanding." Pffffft.

Stogie said...

AOW, I think you may be right. The defense will point to the perp's age and boyish all-American good looks and he'll get life with the possibility of parole.