Monday, April 08, 2013

Mellow Fellow. That's Me. But for How Long?

I see that socialist and leftist scumbags are "celebrating in the streets" over the death of Margaret Thatcher.  Leftism is evil, but in banal way.  I am mildly disgusted, but no longer wish to machine-gun the whole lot of them.  Guess I am somewhat mellow following the death of my friend Lawrence Auster.  Nothing shocks me much anymore, and very little really pisses me off.

So wallow in your evil, your hatred, your profound ignorance, lefties.  It's what you do and who you are.


Stogie said...

I see that the Telegraph had to close all articles related to the passing of Mrs. Thatcher because of the vile things being said.

The ancient Greeks set the standard of not beating up on the dead -- both literally and figuratively.

What the Left does is proof that devolution of civilization is upon us all!

Stogie said...

Well leftists hate prosperity and a healthy economy, as well as a strong cultural identity and military defense. They seem to hate civilization itself. Let's go a step further: they hate the human race.