Thursday, April 04, 2013

Suspected Lesbian Ann Coulter Once Again Savages the Innocent

Suspected lesbian Ann Coulter has published another hate-text with the National Inquirer of the Internet, i.e. World Net Daily.  She is once again bashing Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, two innocent college kids who were savaged by Italy's execrable system of justice.

I have refuted Coulter before on this topic, don't know that I will waste the time again.  It is safe to say, however, that I would kick her bony ass in any debate over the topic.  Like Mignini, the convicted-for-abuse prosecutor of Knox and Sollecito, Coulter is on a vendetta.  Having previously embarrassed herself with completely false factoids about the case, she could apologize and change course; being a soulless, egotistical phony, she would prefer to add to the misery of these innocent kids than admit she was wrong.  That, and to use them as a cudgel with which to beat Anderson Cooper and any other liberal who defends Knox and Sollecito.

I realized that there is something "off" about Ann  Coulter when I read one of her most recent books.  In that book she advanced the erroneous theory that Republicans have always been the champions of racial equality, whereas the Democrats have always been the champions of slavery and segregation.  What a load of bovine excrement.  The Republican Party's motto at the time of Lincoln was "The White People's Party," and the Republicans opposed slavery in the territories because they despised blacks and considered them inferior human beings.  They wanted the new territories off limits to blacks.  Various Republican states passed laws making it illegal for blacks to set foot in their states, both before and after the Civil War. As de Tocqueville pointed out, "there is more color prejudice North than South," which also translates to "blacks were treated better in the Democrat South than they were in the Republican North."

Now let's note one more thing:  why is super-Christian Ann Coulter still unmarried at age 51?  Is she a lesbian?  Is it because no man can stand her long enough to meet her at the alter?  Or is she just just having too much fun fornicating?  Inquiring minds want to know.  AND, those same minds want to illustrate how anyone can take a "fact" and draw extreme conclusions and inferences, like Coulter repetitively referring to Amanda Knox as "convicted murderer Amanda Knox."  One might better refer to her as "acquitted of bogus charges of murder by a corrupt prosecutor" Amanda Knox.

 From now on, perhaps I will refer to Ann Coulter as "suspected lesbian Ann Coulter" (apologies to lesbians).  One thing I will never refer to her as again is "conservative author" or "heroine of the right."  She has disgraced herself too many times.


Stogie said...

This will not make me very popular with the women, but.............I find most of the so-called conservative women to be shrill and often unladylike. That includes Coulter, S.E. Cupp, Megyn Kelly, and even Michell Malkin. Phyllis Schlafly is proof that you can be smart (in her case very, very smart) and still be a lady.

Stogie said...

I need to know who this is... it's excellent!!! PS I'm a Christian, and a conservative (moderate) and I completely agree with you.

Stogie said...

Well said, Adrienne.

Stogie said...

Thanks Michelle.

Stogie said...

The Ann Coulter of some years ago seems to have vanished.

I also agree with Adrienne's comment.

Stogie said...

Yes, the old Coulter appears to have transmogrified into a shock jock, vicious and cynical. I used to be a big fan. I've read almost all of her books. I won't bother with her anymore.