Sunday, July 20, 2014

I Stand With The Jews

I stand with the Jews.  Screw the Muslims and their enablers, the political left and the paleoconservatives.

The world has become suffused in evil, but I will never give in to evil, no matter how popular it becomes with the sheeple.

Yesterday I got into a fight with Thomas E. Woods Jr. (in an online forum), and I told him off for his paleoconservative B.S.  He was angry because a website called The Washington Free Beacon (who represents the omnipresent "neo-cons") ran an article about Rand Paul deleting from his website a list of paleo anti-Israel propaganda posing as a "student reading list."  Woods was incensed that anyone could doubt that Israel secretly runs America's foreign policy.  (No doubt this is explained in "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.")

Imagine those sneaky Jews, trying to influence America just so those Jews can continue to draw breath. The nerve!  Just because they are surrounded by the world's most violent and hateful religious fanatics.  How selfish!  If the Israelis would just allow themselves to be murdered by Muslims, peace would descend on the world like manna from heaven, all of our disputes with the Islamic world would fade away, and anti-semites like the paleoconservatives could join their fellow Jew-haters in celebration, ululating and passing out sweet treats in the streets of "Palestine."

There is much value in the writings of various paleo authors, like Thomas E Woods, Jr (and I have previously included one of his sites in my link list, quoted him, and recommended some of his books), Lew Rockwell, Pat Buchanan and others.  However, what truths they purvey are rendered less credible by their antisemitism and apologia for Muslim violence.  Come to think of it, their support for the "911 was an Inside Job" kooks also reveals the paleos to be a fringe group unlikely to ever attain a serious position in American politics.

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