Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why Paleo-Libertarians Prefer Hamas To Israel

A couple of posts back I ranted about the paleoconservatives and their hatred of Israel.  Their position is strange and illogical, and I could only see antisemitism as the irrational reason for it.  Now Powerline Blog has a related article, Hamas and the Libertarians, seeking answers about this strange political anomaly.  Yaron Brooks of the Ayn Rand Institute has this to say about it:
I think that the libertarians who tend to be anti-Israel tend to be in the [Murray Rothbard wing] of the libertarian movement. They tend to be anarchists. They tend to have a deep rooted hatred of government. And it’s interesting [because] they tend to hate free governments more than they hate totalitarian governments. They tend to focus their hatred much more on the American government [and] on the Israeli government than they do on Hamas.
Read it all here.


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Stogie Chomper said...

I'm sure the libertarians would appreciate that, Irene.

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