Friday, July 04, 2014

Invasion of the Illegals

Each day I read about the massive invasion of our Southern border by multitudes of illegal aliens, many of them unaccompanied children.  I notice that the good citizens of Murrieta, California, blocked the entry of federal buses bringing in illegals for housing or dispersion there.  I have a son who lives in Murrieta and runs a small business there.  It's a pretty little town, just north of San Diego.

It seems obvious to me that Obama is seeding the country with future Democrats, at a high cost to the taxpayers.  Illegals are now being dispersed throughout the United States, where they will soon become permanent residents, sucking up local social services and jobs, overwhelming local hospitals with demands for free medical care, and adding significantly to the crime rate.

Never before has the left been more aggressive or obvious in their intent to remake America into a socialist tyranny and a Third World nation.  Obama promises to rule by decree, via his misuse of the executive order, taunting Republicans to "sue me" if they don't like it.

In November, Republicans had better retake both houses of Congress, or the country is ruined.  When and if they do, they had better damn well do everything in their power to repeal Obamacare -- not tweak it, not amend it, not "make it better," but REPEAL it.

Another thing the Republicans had damn well better do is sue Obama for his abuse of office, and preferably impeach him.  Remove this disaster from office, and as soon as possible.

This is the final test for me -- if these things are not done, I will no longer consider myself a Republican.  It will be time to form a third party, or support one of the existing ones.  Those who say YOU CAN'T WIN WITH A THIRD PARTY should ask themselves:  When have we last"won" anything with the Republicans?  Besides, even when we win, we lose!


Question Diversity said...

This border treachery is making people so angry that come November, they're going to take control of that Senate away from Harry Reid and hand it to Mitch McConnell.


Stogie Chomper said...

We're saved. Or not.

Eric said...

Unfortunately, I think it's too late no matter what happens.
I wish you the best, but I don't think it's likely the whole "socialist" agenda can be overturned at this point, even with open revolt. The media is too close to their objectives.

Seerightthere! said...

I don't think it matters which group of politicians is in charge, they appear to all be the same just with a different letter behind their names. They are the Elite Ruling class and we are the commodities they get rich off. You think voting will get us out of this? There does not seem to be historical data to back that up, after all voting got us.

Stogie Chomper said...

I understand your feeling. I often wonder if Democracy really works. Someone once said it works only until the people learn that they can vote themselves the keys to the treasury. What other system would you have in mind?

Seerightthere! said...

I would prefer a Constitutional Republic, which is what we started with. Democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on whats for dinner. ( I don't remember who said that, but it is a good analogy.)

Stogie Chomper said...

I agree about the Constitutional Republic. Unfortunately, the leftists and statists have been undermining it for 200 years, chipping away, distorting the plain meaning of the Constitution, until it has been transformed into something else that was never intended by the Founders.