Monday, July 14, 2014

The Enemy Among Us: Muslims Attack Jews In Europe

Mark Stein explained (in "America Alone," I think) why leftist leaders in Europe have allowed millions of Muslims to immigrate there.  The traditional white populations are committing demographic suicide, not having babies, and slowly dying out.  Meanwhile, the huge social services, like pensions, promised to the older generations, depend on an increasing number of workers.  Like Social Security, the left has for years been running a huge Ponzi scheme, paying current beneficiaries with the contributions of the younger generation.  Since their populations are no longer expanding, the Ponzi schemes will eventually collapse, when pay-outs become greater than what is paid in, and the system becomes insolvent.

In order to get new workers to shore up increasingly bankrupt social benefit programs, European leaders have invited millions of Muslim immigrants in.  Now those immigrants are reaching critical mass, attacking Jews and other infidels in increasing numbers.  This week, in Paris, Jews were trapped inside their synagogue by Muslim rioters screaming "Death to the Jews."  Apparently, these Muslims are upset that Israel is giving the so-called murderous "Palestinians" a well-deserved butt-kicking.

This massive Muslim immigration into the west will eventually destroy western civilization, as Muslim birthrates create an alien majority in European countries.  White, Christian and Jewish European majorities are being replaced by a barbaric, hostile and unassimable culture.  Such immigration may help leftist leaders balance the books in the short run, but in the long run, it will prove fatal.  The signs are already there.

In the United States, our population is being replaced with Hispanics, who at least don't cut off people's heads or set off bombs.  Nevertheless, the fact of our replacement and demise is indisputable.  We can give into despair and watch the unfolding disaster helplessly from the sidelines, or we can devise a long-term strategy to stop and reverse it.  The very first step, however, is to elect politicians who understand the problem and are willing to confront it.


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Mexican drug gangs have done the occasional beheading in Mexico.

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