Monday, March 14, 2011

The Palestinians are Scum

Palestinian passes out sweets to celebrate
murder of small children (hat tip Sultan Knish)
Fogel Family Murdered in Israel
(Hat tip Moonbattery via Hyscience)
Last Friday some Palestinian thugs broke through a fence and entered an Israeli town.  There, they picked a house at random, broke in and proceeded to stab to death an Israeli family in their sleep.  The murders included the mother, the father, an 11 year old child, a four month old toddler and a 3 month old baby.   Palestinians in Gaza passed out sweets to celebrate the murders and Iran publicly approved.

This incident reminds me of an ancient atrocity committed by the False Prophet of Islam, one hairy maniac by the name of Muhammad.  Mu told three of his henchman to go kill a Jew in the middle of the night as he slept in his bed.  What had the Jew done to deserve this?  Nothing.  He was just a Jew, a group of people who denied the prophethood of the hairy moron.  So the three animals broke into the Jew's house and stabbed him with swords as he slept.  After the murder, they returned to Mu and asked who got credit for the kill.  Mu examined the sword blades of all three, and detected food on one of them, no doubt the Jew's last dinner.  Mu then awarded the honor of Top Cretin to the man who owned that sword.  Today cows remember this incident by calling out the name of the "Holy Prophet" of Islam:  they cry Moo!  Moo!  Moo!  Then they defecate in his honor.  The big round cow pies are said to contain all the humanity, spirituality and good looks of the Islamic prophet himself.  They smell the same, too.

Just another story (most of it true) in the wonderful history of Islam.  If it offends anyone, good!  Personally, I find mass murder rather offensive, but that's just me.

The Palestinians are scum.  Israel should build settlements throughout the West Bank, retake Gaza and push the Palestinians completely out of Israel.  I'd pass out sweets in celebration of that.


Adobe Walls said...

And to think we have nuclear warheads dying of old age.

Anonymous said...

Yet the world loves to romanticize them.

BRO said...


Ema Nymton said...


So the Law biding _people_ of Palestine have no right to live in their home because a family is killed?! Does this rule apply in all situations?

Can Israel use this as an excuse to force the _people_ of Palestine to wear arm bands before Israel rounds them up to ship them off to death camps??? Jus ask'n.

Ema Nymton

Stogie said...

Ah Ema, my theory is that you were born with your brain in backwards, so that you think up is down, left is right and right is wrong.

The "death camp" scenario is much more suited to the Palestinians, who hate Jews with an irrational fervor and who have vowed to drive them all into the sea. No, the Palestinians have no right to live in Israel and should be drive out, for the safety and security of the Israeli people. You do know, I presume, that Muslims had their own regiment of Waffen SS in the Nazi army? Of course you didn't.

The Palestinian scum passed out sweets in the street to celebrate the murder of this family, including the beheading of a little girl and the murder of an infant. They're the same scum who danced in the streets with joy when their fellow cretins flew planes into the World Trade Center.

Screw the Palestinians.

tax payer. said...

Thank you for the information on 'anonymous'..I had a feeling they were into all of the anti-Zionist conspiracy theories designed by whoever is really in charge. If anyone. I have a sickening feeling it's closer to home than we think...semper fi. :( ? Do they really think we are that stupid..the silly red cards they use are so obvious too...