Saturday, November 29, 2008

How to Punish the Jihadis

Whenever Muslims go on one of their killing rampages, the Civilized World removes the bodies, cleans up the blood, sweeps away the rubble and replaces the broken glass. The Islamic criminals who carried out the murder spree are generally all dead or captured by this time and there is no way to punish them or make examples of them. Or is there?

General John J. Pershing is said to have executed Islamic fanatics in the Philippines by first dipping the bullets in pig's blood, thus denying them entrance into Heaven. One fanatic was let go to carry the story back to the others. I don't know how true the story is but it sounds like a good idea. We could improve upon it, though.

Let's take the bodies of the dead terrorists and dress them in sexy women's lingerie, put lipstick on them and dangling earrings and take pictures of them in drag for dessimination throughout the Muslim world. Then we bury their dead bodies hugging the carcass of a pig, perhaps in a coffin emblazoned with the Star of David. In other words, deny them the last sacraments of their evil faith, and put them in a very embarrassing position for when the Islamic angels come to interview them in the grave (as Muslims believe).

In addition to that, the victimized country (like India) could select a sacred Islamic shrine for utter destruction, e.g. an ancient Mosque. Announce its destruction as reparation for the terrorist attack. Then take a wrecking ball to the structure, reducing it to rubble. Or, if the Mosque is behind enemy lines (the enemy being the Islamic world), use a smart bomb or guided missile to destroy the structure. In other words, target the symbols and hateful institutions of Islam. This tactic recognizes the fact that it is Islam itself that is responsible for terrorism, as it is a terrorist ideology as is well documented in its holy texts and traditions. We must rid ourselves of the short-sighted view that terrorist-jihadis are individual criminals; they are in fact agents of Islam and it is Islam itself that must be punished for the deeds of its believers.

If the world's Muslims don't like being held accountable in this way, then perhaps they should consider revising the Qur'an, reforming Islam or joining other faiths. In any case, we must hold Islam itself responsible for jihadi crimes until Islamic leaders worldwide take effective steps to stop Islamic violence.

Finally, a massive bonfire of Qur'ans could be held in the public square where the terrorist attacks occurred, with citizens encouraged to add one of the nasty little books to the flames.

Showing respect or tolerance to Islam has not diminished their murderous practices one whit; merely killing them is not a deterrence to their evil, because they believe their deaths in jihad will propel them straight to Heaven. So we must devise deterrents other than death to discourage them from their vile habits. The desecration of the bodies of their jihadis would be one way and the destruction of the holy sites where the murderers are taught and encouraged would be, in my opinion, worthy of consideration.

Finally, we need some simple slogans to support a new, energetic and effective counterforce to Islamic Jihad. I was thinking something like, "Islam is Unacceptable" or perhaps "ISLAM: the Root Cause of Terrorism."


Anonymous said...

"for when the Islamic angels come to interview them in the grave"

ROFLMAO!! Angels INTERVIEW people, now? LMAO!!

I just found your site by accident (but then again, they say there is no such thing as an accident!), looking for a new halloween picture for my FB profile, and I have to tell you, I've just become your biggest fan. I nabbed your "Michelle Obama goes green" picture for one day on my profile, I hope you don't mind (if you do just let me know and I'll take it down - I'm doing a different picture daily, and either way, I'm giving you credit).

Keep up the rocking work!!!

Anonymous said...

i really accept the out cry against islam,which is guided by gross misunderstanding of islam,driven by shaitan of devil who opposes Gods will.Those who oppose islam are their own enemy,because by doing so they actually destroy there hereafter.the secure hereafter depends upon holding off evil desires and submission to gods will in matter of prayers ,fasting,interest free economy,chastity,oneness of god,piousnous,and so on,and as the worldly people fight and wage war for domination and wealth,muslim fight to defend themselves against forces that prevent them from following their religion in their own homeland, what a cruelty,what barbaric act,may god save them from a sure everlasting hellfire

Stogie said...

Anonymous, all the nonsense you mention is not "God's will" but merely the invention of your false prophet and the barbaric Bedouin culture from which he sprang. Muslims do not fight to defend themselves, they fight to conquer and subjugate others who do not follow their hateful and false religion.