Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pirates and Other Scalawags

The Somali pirates have seized 38 ships so far this year, the latest an oil supertanker with a $100 million cargo. I don't know about you, but I find this annoying. The pirates are taking the supertanker to their lair in Somalia. Why an armed force doesn't just move in and destroy the place is beyond me. It seems to me that shipping companies ought to be arming their freighters to resist such attacks. Hide a squad of marines on a few ships and when approached by the pirates, kill the bastards. The pirates wouldn't know which ships would be so armed. It could be a kind of surprise: they'd never know which ships would be armed and ready for them.

Pirates on the high seas aren't the only scalawags who annoy me. Some idiots in Texas have indicted Dick Cheney and two other federal officials for alleged offenses against inmates of federal prisons. I'm sure Dick Cheney was in those prisons overseeing the abuses, the walls echoing with his evil laughter as the poor innocent criminals were mistreated. No, it sounds more like another Democrat political stunt, an attempt to criminalize any political opposition to leftist rule. We have seen these stunts too many times before.

Hey, we'll be back in power sooner than you think, Libbies. Maybe we can indict a few Democrats on treason charges one of these days. After all, my understanding is that there is no statute of limitation for treason, and we are patient.

Then there's the brouhaha over Joe Lieberman. The Left wanted to fix his wagon for supporting McCain over Obama and considered taking away his committee chairmanship as punishment. Since Lieberman supports many Democrat initiatives, this would have been politically asinine. They might have encouraged Lieberman to register as a Republican, further preventing a Democrat supermajority. Harry Reid, the bete noir on the Senate whose frowning and bitter face is so often depicted in news photographs, was pushing for the punishment. Allegedly, Obama told him to back off as Obama needs Lieberman's support and isn't dumb enough to shoot himself in the foot for petty revenge.

A fourth scalawag is Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs. Johnson regularly purges his ranks of subscribers for disagreeing with him. Since Charley thinks everyone to his right is a racist or a Nazi, why, you must be a racist or a Nazi if you disagree with him. Ask Robert Spencer or Pamela Geller or Gates of Vienna or several others who have been deemed ideologically unacceptable to C.J.

Charley's ticked off because some blog called "The Infidel Blogger's Award" has him as one of the choices in a vote-your-favorite poll. The poll is for the "biggest pro-censorship ass-hat." Charley's winning that one handily. I voted for him. No need to thank me, Charley.

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