Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The U.S. Economy: To Hell in a Hand Basket

As I sit back and calmly watch Western Civilization unravel, I find myself strangely unemotional about it all. The Dems finally achieved a major goal: to get control of the economy. All they had to do is severely wound it, then offer it band-aids to stem the blood. Brilliant. Machiavelli would beam with pride. Is the global warming scam even necessary any more? Fascism has come by other means.

I feel the economic decline personally. The appreciation in the value of my house over the past eight years is now gone. The house is worth about what I paid for it. I always figured I'd sell it for a good profit and use the money to move to a saner locale than California. That plan is kaput.

The company I work for is losing their ass in this economy and so cut back my hours from 40 per week to 24. They continue to hemorrhage money and I'm fairly certain my 24 hours will be cut back to zero soon. I am looking for other work but it's a tough market.

Still, I feel neither upset nor overly worried. Sometimes, in order to escape some rotten structure, you just have to let the damn thing collapse. Let the Dems have their fun. Since I feel no connection to, nor identification with, the incoming administration, I don't care much what they do. I almost feel like a detached observer of events. My bank account, however, would disagree. I am affected by these events as we all are.

After Thanksgiving, I will be polishing the old resume, however. Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all.

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