Saturday, November 08, 2008

Old Boats and the Lonely Shore

There's something fascinating about an old boat on a lonely beach. Often their proud names, painted on the bow, are still visible and seem ironic in light of the boat's present state of decay. Names like "Discovery" or "Adventure" or "Enterprise."

I saw a photo (see below) of one such boat decaying on a beach in Alaska. It's name was "Try Again II." Maybe it should Try Again III since it's obvious the first two tries didn't work out.

These old boats are very photogenic, like the old rotting barns so popular with photographers. They give us a sense of passing time. What was once beautiful and proud is now dilapidated and abandoned, transformed by the forces of time and circumstance. In musing upon these relics we are made to realize that our lives too will pass away and new generations arise to take our place. Let us sail proudly and productively while we can.

Above photo is a Photoshop that I created from images off the web, combined into a new image. The grass is from a Photoshop brush. Click on image to see it full size. It makes a nice Windows desktop background.

Below is the photo of the Try Again II.

Yes, we will try again...until we get it right.

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