Thursday, November 27, 2008

Murder in India: The Ugly Face of Islam

The Religion of Death, Islam, has been showing its grotesque face in India for the past couple of days. Once again we have radical Muslims murdering strangers who have done them no harm. Over a hundred people have been killed. Truly, Islam is the Religion of Death, Murder and Mayhem. If this violent ideology has any worth to the human race, it isn't at all obvious. Indeed, I have long concluded that its only effect on the human race is destructive and negative; it has no worth whatsoever.

The Muslim pirates who are now hijacking ships on the high seas are only following the example of their glorious prophet. Muhammad robbed trade caravans, stole the goods they carried and held members for ransom. If Muhammad was a man of God, then so was Blackbeard the Pirate, Al Capone and Gengis Khan. Then again, Blackbeard, Capone and Khan never attempted to justify their villainy by pretending to be prophets. Compared to Muhammad, they were refreshingly honest.

Sooner or later Islam must be wiped from the face of the earth. This barbarism has no place in a civilized world. We should not allow any more immigration of Muslims into the United States, any more than we should allow practicing head hunters, cannibals, slave owners or polygamists.

I would like to see every mosque converted to a cigar store (or liquor store or market specializing in pork products) and every Qur'an reduced to ash. What a glorious bonfire we could make. Of course, the world would have to get along without this priceless literature on head-lopping, finger chopping, mass murder, rape, stoning people to death and treating women as livestock. It would be a struggle, but call me a cockeyed optimist: I think we would find ways to adapt.

If that seems harsh, consider this: Islam is the only major religion whose primary tenets command unceasing violence against non-believers. Islam is the only major religion that commands and predicts the genocide of Jews. Islam is the only major religion that teaches the only sure way to heaven is to die in battle against the "infidels," infidels being people too civilized to become Muslims.

Islam is evil and no amount of rationalization or denial will change that fact.

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