Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chillin' Out

In my last few days at work I have been very productive. We are having our annual audit and I have done so much work greasing the skids for the auditors; creating the trial balance, financial statements and footnotes using their own software; making many adjustments to clean up the books; and preparing multitudinous schedules and analyses. Today and yesterday I prepared the tax provision, which is quite technical and mind boggling. I love to wrap my mind around complex problems and solve them. I can make Excel tap dance across the stage and sing Dixie; I be an Excel STUD, even if I do say so myself. Pivot tables, anyone? Nested if statements? Nothin' to it.
I figure I have saved my employer about $50,000 on the audit fee this year; but he's too dumb to appreciate it. In any case, I will leave that place with lots of confidence in my skills and abilities.

I got a call this week from a guitarist who has an acoustic group and they would love to have an acoustic bass player. So tomorrow after work I am going to go by his place and jam a bit, find out what we both know and how well we mesh. It should be fun. Playing with live musicians is so much better than just practicing to records; if you mesh well you energize and inspire each other.
He's going to give me a CD of their recorded music so I can start learning their repertoire.

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