Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Message to Liberals: I WILL NOT OBEY

There comes a time in political life when respecting "the law" must end. That is when "the law" is blatantly unconstitutional and so destructive of human rights and liberty that obeying "the law" would be a crime. These are the times when "civil disobedience" is called for, a principle now being demonstrated in the bloody streets of Tehran.
Therefore, I at this time would like to announce my brazen and blatant disobedience to illegal laws passed or planned by the Obama Administration.

1. When "the law" says I must turn in my guns, I WILL NOT OBEY.
2. When "the law" says I must pay a significant portion of my income to losers and layabouts under some "Cap and Trade" scheme, I WILL NOT OBEY.
3. When "the law" says I am prohibited from publicly criticizing Islam or liberalism, I WILL NOT OBEY.
4. When "the law" says I must abide nationalized health care in order to get medical treatement, I WILL NOT OBEY.
5. When "the law" says I must drastically reduce my standard of living to alleviate non-existent "global warming" I WILL NOT OBEY.

We can stymy the goals of this evil, unamerican administration by refusing to meekly go along with its program. CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE NOW!

It is time to proudly adopt the label of REBEL and take the pledge of Civil Disobedience to Democratic Fascism.

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