Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pamela Geller on the Sarah Palin Haters

Pamela Geller has just posted an excellent article on the lunatic left's rabid hatred of Sarah Palin, most recently expressed in hateful, Photoshopped pictures of Palin's infant son, Trig Palin.
The terrible argument the lefties are using to justify their disgraceful behavior is to say that Palin made Trig "fair game" by bringing him on stage at the Republican National Convention. They say she herself made Trig a tool of political propaganda and can't now complain about the Photoshops. Liberals are very good at making up ridiculous arguments on the fly to support their grossly immoral, anti-human and anti-American behavior.

Geller points out, however, that Barack Obama brought his two young daughers on stage at the Democratic Convention. Does that make the little girls "fair game" for slander and ridicule?

Don't worry, those little girls are safe. We on the Right represent civilization; it is the Left that represents barbarism, nihilism and rabid hatred -- to the point of attacking infant children with disabilities.

Why does the Left hate Sarah Palin with such wild abandon? Because Sarah Palin is pretty, useful, wholesome and NORMAL. And they're not.

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