Monday, June 29, 2009

Viva Honduras Libre!

Kudos to one of my favorite blogs, Infidel Bloggers Alliance for their coverage of the events in Honduras.
Honduras, a democratic, non-socialist nation removed their President in a legal impeachment procedure after President Mel Zelaya attempted to institute a referendum that would amend the Honduran constitution, allowing Zelaya to serve beyond his legal term limit. However, Zelaya had no legal authority to do this, and the Honduran Supreme Court ruled the referendum illegal. When Zalaya persisted, ignoring the Supreme Court's order, the Supreme Court ordered him removed from office by the Honduran military. Governmental rule was then immediately handed over to a civilian authority.

Zelaya is an ally of both Fidel Castro of Cuba and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, two communist leaders; it is believed that Zelaya was attempting to thwart Honduran law in order to install a far left government in Honduras. With his removal, Honduran democracy was preserved.

Barack Obama and his administration have sided with Castro and Chavez in calling for Zelaya's reinstatement. Once again Barack Obama shows his true colors; he is no friend of freedom and the sooner he can be legally removed from office, the better it will be for America and the rest of the free world.

Leftwing bloggers and pundits are saying that Zelaya's legal impeachment was a "coup." But it was not a coup at all.

Read the facts in the Wall Street Journal's article here, "Honduras Defends Its Democracy."

Update: Right Wing Nuthouse has the latest facts on the Honduran situation, and they further prove that Zelaya's removal was lawful and necessary.

Fausta's Blog is being extolled for the best coverage of the Honduran situation. Give her a read.

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