Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Iranian Revolution Has Begun: Thousands Battle Police In Tehran

Tonight the hearts of all freedom-loving people are with the people of Iran, who apparently have escalated their mass protests into revolution against the harsh Islamic regime.
The Washington Post tells part of the story here. Roger Cohen posts an on-the-scene report here.

Finally, Right Wing Nuthouse has a stirring post on this history-in-the-making event.

The reports indicate thousands of protestors are confronting police units and even turning them back. Some police units are wavering, finding it repugnant to beat and kill their fellow citizens. In other cases, the protestors have grabbed weapons from the police and used them in fire fights.

The demonstrators were angered and upset by last week's presidential elections which are widely viewed as fraudulent. The elections returned Ahmadinejad to power over his greatest challenger, Hossein Mousavi. Street demonstrations have grown larger and more violent.
The Iranian government has attempted to crush the demonstrations with force, only to see them grow stronger and more determined.

Perhaps President Bush was correct when he asserted that the desire for freedom is universal among the peoples of the earth. One can only hope so.

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