Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Memorial to Muslims' Mumbai Massacre

Ah, the useful things one can do with a couple of copies of the Qur'an.
I'd love to have a collection of rare, ancient Qur'ans, handwritten in Arabic script on ornate parchment. Would I donate them to the Library of Congress? Give them to the Islamic Studies Department of Princeton University?

No, actually I would use them to express my true feelings for a religion that practices mass murder of innocents and installs anti-Semitism as one of its major religious precepts.

I would rip out a page and burn it each time I hear of a new Muslim atrocity, whether it be a massacre as in Mumbai, an honor killing of a young girl, the execution of a gay or apostate, or the random shooting of a school girl on the streets of Tehran.

I'd rip out that ornate parchment page with the fancy handwritten script, put the fire to it and watch it burn, listen to the chirping sound of the flames, smelling the acrid scent of the smoke, and richly enjoying the experience. With the daily reports of Muslim atrocities around the globe, it wouldn't be long until my stash of Qur'ans was just a pile of ash.

If you hear of anyplace that has a special on Qur'ans, do let me know.

Update: Am I too harsh on Islam? Really? Read this before answering.

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