Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Busy Me and Blogging

Wow, I have been busy doing tax returns and I am enjoying it.  The pay is lousy but I enjoy meeting and talking to the clients and figuring things out.  I dig it I tell ya.

Sounds like the Arabic world is having some kind of hissy fit and are hot to attack Israel (again).  The Muslims over there hate Israel and the Jews just for existing.  The only way the Israelis can appease them is to die.  I do hope we stick with Israel and help see them through this.  It would help if we had something other than a wimp in the White House.

On another topic, I have become interested in the ancient Egyptians (so much better than the latest variety) and their great monuments -- the pyramids and especially the Sphinx.  The Sphinx is believe to be around 4,500 years old.  The face of this monument is pretty tattered after 45 centuries of sandstorms and vandalism, so I am trying to reconstruct it with Photoshop.  I have a hankering to see what the Sphinx might have looked like a few millenia back.  I'll post my reconstructions when I'm done.


1389 said...

Notice that the head of the Sphinx is much too small for the body.

At some point, it was obviously recarved.

I think the head originally must have been a more or less realistic cat's head.

Stogie said...

1389, there are lots of theories and arguments among archaeologists about the Sphinx, who it represents, whether the original face was that of a lion, etc. It's so ancient that there isn't enough evidence one way of the other, but it is fascinating.

Always On Watch said...

Taxes! Ugh.

I have miles of record gathering to go before I'm ready to send the information to my tax accountant.

Will48 said...

The situation is much more dire and bleak than just heaving the "wimp" in the White House.

The problem is, he does not rule your country, not by himself in the very least. The Establishment elites rule over your country, the top CIA/State brass, the big businesses and their lawyers/lobbyists.

And all they want to do, is TRADE. Arab/Muslim market is enormously bigger than Israel; and they dont have any use for Israel anyway after the USSR fell, seeking to unload it ever since - with papa Bush pushing Israel around with false "peace" demnds for withdrawal to indefensible pre-1967 Arab aggression borders. Can you explain that? Was he a wimp?

Your CIA/State machos push for Islamicization of the ME for at least the last 10, 20 (one could say with conviction, 32) years.

In 2007 a grand bargon was reached by them with Iran, and the falsified NIE was published, letting mullahs of the hook on the nukes issue - in return for Muqtada Sadr's "voluntary" retreat into Iran for 4 years.

So they are anything but wimps, your country's rulers. Obama is no wimp too, he knows Muslims and their language very well, he knows that "democracy" means "islamicism" in Arabic. To condemn Israel to slaughter is not an action of a wimp - and again, it is done by the whole structure of your Security Establishment in its current status.

Stogie said...

Will48, you're so full of shit. You don't have a clue.